Dear Sir,

I wonder if you could assist. Both my brother, his family and my family are on our annual summer trip to the lovely island of Majorca. We've been visiting the island for 21 years, with our early island adventures being cycling training camps; we are both keen cyclists. We came to love the island so much that we both now have houses in the small village of Cala Murada on the South East coast.

Over 21 years of our visits to the island we've never experienced any thefts of any kind. That was until yesterday! Both my brother and I were on a cycle ride when we stopped for lunch in the small town of Porreres.
It was approximately 14.15 and the town was very quiet, we had a delightful lunch in a cafe bar called “Bar Can Miquel'' (opposite the church).
During our lunch one of our bicycles was stolen from practically under our nose, both bikes were hooked onto the cafe bar purpose made bike rack. Other than a local old gentleman, the bar man and his wife there was no one else in the town square. We believe that the bike was taken as we paid the bill.

The local Police were not too helpful, the language barrier didn't help. We wondered if you could advertise this theft in your daily bulletin. The bike was very unique, it was an English bike, purpose built, it wasn't the general mass produced bikes that you usually see around the island. The bike was marked as a “Eddie McGraith'' with the color being predominately yellow with white and blue strips fading through the color scheme.

We would really appreciate your help, the event has ruined both our holiday and what would now seem our naive view of Majorca being a low crime island.

Peter Millett

Dear Sir, With regard to Ray Fleming's article “Can you be made intentionally homeless” he asks the difference between two cases. The difference is that one lives completely at the expense of the taxpayer while the other lives in a house worked for and paid for by her parents. Surely it's obvious which one should be evicted.

Jill Carter


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