Dear Sir,

ALTHOUGH this subject is probably already exhausted I feel strongly enough to have to write to you about it in a defensive manner. The cost of things such as food and drink in Majorca - for those complaining that things such as food and drink are expensive, where on earth are you shopping/eating out?

Yes, I agree 6 euros is excessive for 2 bottles of water when you can purchase 5 litres for 60 centimos at places like Eroski and elsewhere but this surely is a one off - and no one twists your arm to buy it, or any other items that a consumer feels may be overpriced. What I may consider good value may not be to someone else and vice versa, personal choice, but I do feel the need to defend the issue, as in my opinion eating out, drinks and food shopping in local supermarkets were as cheap if not cheaper on some things than in the UK.

Our family of four have recently returned from a self catering holiday to Alcudia, and actually brought money home with us!

All four of us purchased meals and drinks out at various places at reasonable prices and were more than happy with the quality and service we received, on several occasions we used the local supermarket where many items were CHEAPER than here in the UK. As for businesses in Majorca increasing their prices - tell me somewhere that isn't in today's economic climate, I have family in Greece and also in the Canary Islands, where items are equally as expensive and flights to both are higher than to Majorca, it is, unfortunately a sign of the times we are in at this moment in time.

I really do feel that it is unfair to label Majorca as “Too Expensive” for tourists when it is as expensive or inexpensive as you make it yourself, if cost is an issue, shop around, it can be done, I for one will not be put off and speak for many others alike.

G Overfield

West Midlands UK


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