Dear Sir,
THE letter from Mr & Mrs Winter on your August 19 edition further prompted me to write to you. I returned home to Ireland on 20 Aug having spent my third consecutive annual holiday on your beautiful island. Apart from its natural beauty, idyllic climate and friendly people, I was drawn to the eastern part of Majorca because of its quietness, family friendly environment and value for money. Having spent previous holidays in Calla Bona and Porto Colom, we holidayed this year in Calla d'Or. However to our deep disappointment the situation has deteriorated and whilst we enjoyed the sunshine and sea the rest of the holiday was far from satisfactory. Let me outline the major problems:
A. Noise. The volume from the so-called entertainment provided at the hotel apartment (which we would gladly do without in any case) was such that it forced us to go down town each evening until midnight. After midnight we just had the drunks to listen to, unsupported by the hotel noise. The noise level from adjacent hotels was just as intrusive. Why must hotels try to out do each other in this regard?
Expecting relief down town was also a let down. Practically every restaurant seemed determined to provide maximum decibels. This factor combined with the level of noise from socalled entertainment arcades, ensured that dining out was a trial.
B. Cost. One of the main pleasures we look forward to on holiday is the nightly dining out as it is normally affordable. Not so this year. Restaurants' (and indeed shops') main mission appears to be to extract as much cash as possible from the tourist without batting an eyelid. Let me give you two examples. Having confined our culinary pleasure, we ordered a main course and a bottle of wine only. We were delighted when the waitress appeared and presented bread and olives with a beautiful garlic dip. All is not lost we thought and at least this restaurant has the traditional hospitality and decency associated with Majorcan and Spanish dining establishments and they are anxious that we enjoy our meal and that we would return again! Not so! When I was presented with the bill, payment was demanded for everything which include 3 euros for the few slices of bread (plus of course 7 percent “service” charge).
On our last evening we decided to kill a few hours (away from the hotel) and have a drink in a Tapas restaurant. My wife ordered prawns in bacon. She received four prawns and the bill amounted to 8 euros something with of course 7 percent tax.
I am afraid the service providers seem determined to price themselves out of business and to make hay while the sun shines.
At this rate all you will have left will be sunshine. I certainly do not intend to return. It is a pity. Your island is a wonderful place and very well organised but you are pricing yourselves out of the market.
Donal & Cline Buckley, by e-mail


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