Dear Sir,
GIVEN that the Olympic ideals are altruism, amateurism and sportsmanship why did David Beckham feature in the handover ceremony?

Perhaps a Channel 4 type celebrity version is being secretly planned for 2012, if so the organisers seem to have missed a trick, Posh could have replaced Leona Lewis as surely the Beckhams' offer a discount on a double booking?

Yours faithfully
Barry Morgan

Dear Sir,
CONGRATULATIONS to the Chinese on an exceptional Olympics! What a relief that the protestors who threatened to disrupt the Games stayed away, or were kept away and that none of the competitors sought to politicise their participation.

Activists from the country that keeps terrorist suspects locked up in Guantanamo Bay without trial or from the country that imprisoned innocent Irish immigrants for 16 years should keep their lectures about human rights for home consumption.

Those of us who remember Chairman Mao and his Cultural Revolution must have realised that China really has made a ‘great leap forward' since those dark days and that following the Olympic Games further social and economic progress will lead them at an even quicker pace towards a more democratic society.

Yours faithfully,
George Tunnell


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