Dear Sir,
I HAVE been living in Pollensa/Puerto Pollensa for 24 years. Over the past five to six years the noise pollution from young people on motor cycles without silencers has increased greatly.
I know that this is an island-wide problem. Both residents and holiday makers have been complaining, especially when it goes on into the early hours of the morning. These young people seem to find it amusing to rev up their engines when they pass groups of people or when they are sitting on their bikes talking.
When the new driving license regulations came into force, it would have been a good opportunity to reinforce the existing law on noise pollution, especially with regards to motor cycles.
I am sure all your readers will feel as strongly as I do.
Positive action is desperately needed.
This is the first time I have has any reason to complain.
Name and address supplied
Safari Nightmare
Dear Sir,
I RECENTLY stayed in Sa Coma and whilst there I made the mistake of taking my daughter and granddaughter to the Safari Zoo. As a family of animal lovers (we have many, including horses, dogs, etc.) I have never been so shocked and upset when we saw the conditions that the animals there have to live in. My whole family ended up in tears at the appalling way in which the animals there are kept. The big cats and the elephant had nothing to stimulate them. Their living accommodation was cramped and boring and the worst bit was when we saw what the horses were kept in. No grass anywhere, just concrete.
The whole place just looked like a building site, it was filthy with many dead birds lying around.
I love Majorca and its lovely people and I can't believe they would let such a disgusting place exist. Is there no animal protection society there?
Please tell your readers to boycott this vile place.
Mrs. A Attenborough, by e-mail.


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