Dear Sir,

IT is said of Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, that the public either love him or hate him. Whatever, his speech on the steps of London House in Beijing after the closing ceremony was so unique, extremely funny and classic “British Boris”, that whatever opening ceremonies are planned for the London Olympics in 2012, as long as he makes such a classic speech, it will make up for any deficiencies that there are.

If the British eight minute slot to promote London is any guide to the future, then whoever that team who organised it was, should be sacked as it was so amateurish, poor in content, to result in borderline on pathetic. With the rich tapestry that London has, to produce a double decker bus, a not so special pop singer with an old rocker on tour, lollipop lady, some dancers throwing newspapers to the ground, twirling umbrellas, and David Beckham kicking a football off the bus, was just not good enough. At least Boris saved the day with his “bring Ping-Pong back to Britain...” and the “wiff waff” story, - priceless, and anyone who missed it, should check with Sky News if it is still running on their playback panel or look on a website!

Yours sincerely,
Graham Phillips

Dear Sir,

MAY I presume that the authorities, in their infinite wisdom, have or will take measures to solve the inevitable traffic chaos that will occur on and near the Portals roundabout when the parents of the children attending the soon to be opened school in the vicinity, take them to class. Anyone who knows the area will testify that joining the road that leads from the Costa d´en Blanes estate to the roundabout, coming from either the east or the west is, at the best of times slow, and always dangerous. When the hundreds of cars coming from either Andratx or Palma converge at the same time, traffic will come to a stand still on both sides of the motorway, tempers will flare and undoubtedly accidents will happen.

Yours sincerely,
Simon Tow
Santa Ponsa


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