IN relation to Mr Fleming's comments about the opposition to opening a Mosque near Ground Zero being detrimental to the West's efforts in gaining the “hearts and minds” of the Islamic world, I would like to suggest that they are not helping themselves in gaining ours by their total opposition in allowing any other religion to build a place of worship in theirs.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Tow


RAY Fleming in his leading editorial (MDB August 24th) as ever misunderstands or avoids the problems of building a Muslim Cultural Centre and ‘prayer room' (Mosque) so close to Ground Zero. It is not the right to practise one's religion that is in question: it is whether or not one has a right to practise one's religion in a way that will upset and annoy those of other religions.

If Ray Fleming thinks that Islam has this right (as he appears to do), then I presume he would voice no objection to Israel building a cultural centre and ‘prayer room' (Synagogue) next to the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.


David Lee


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