Dear Sir,
IT appears that on the 5th of July (15 days before the last council meeting) the UM (Union Majorca) leader in Calvia, Isidro Canellas sent an e-mail to the local party members stating that he supports the inclusion of Golf Santa Ponsa into Calvia. It is therefore Canellas, and not Joan Thomas (the councillor who resigned from the UM over the vote), who made the 180 degree turn and in fact it is Canellas who is the “traitor” to the citizens of Calvia who was obviously instructed by UM headquarters to oppose the motion to include Golf Santa Ponsa. Again I urge the electorate to remember this example of politics before the people! John Rule, Sol de Majorca, Calvia
Dear Sir,
I HAVE been living in Majorca for the last fifteen years and I am resident in Sol de Majorca, Calvia. The Calvia council have a ban on all “Obra Mayor”, major building works (earth moving, major structures, cement mixers, grinders etc ) during the summer months from the first of June until the end of September. In our area this just does not happen. I have called the local Police on several occasions and they are powerless. I have spoken directly with the inspector of Licences and he told me that they would paralyse works immediately. When I contacted him again he told me that the order had got lost in the post and there was nothing he could do. I have asked for an interview with the Lord Mayor but his office tells me that he is on holiday until September and his dairy is full for the next few months. Any suggestions on what I can do next would be greatly appreciated.
Paul Hamill, Sol de Majorca, Calvia.


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