SINCE the controversy rages on, may I add a further point to my letter (Your letters, Wednesday 26 August) about the Lockerbie case?
Shortly after sending the letter, I came across an interview ( 22 August 2009) with Jim Swire, whose 23 year old daughter was one of the passengers on Pan-Am flight 103. In the years after the disaster whenever the Lockerbie case was on the front pages of our national newspapers, there was usually also a quote or a letter to the editor from Dr Swire.

He became the most high profile of the victims' relations and has dedicated 20 years of his life to investigating the often officially suppressed intelligence about who carried out the atrocity. In 1991 he was received by Colonel Gadaffi and when al-Megrahi was put on trial he believed he was guilty. As a result of his subsequent investigations, which included visiting al-Megrahi in prison, he changed his mind.

In the Telegraph on-line interview, Dr Swire states, “I am a Christian, so I would hope that, even if I was convinced that Megrahi was guilty, my Christian conscience and forgiveness would extend to wanting to see him die with his family around him in Libya.......but I am convinced Megrahi is innocent” Swire regrets that the Libyan dropped his second appeal because it means that much new evidence will not be heard in court. The cause of the Lockerbie disaster is one of the great mysteries of our time, which will probably never be satisfactorily resolved.

Yours faithfully, George Tunnel, Calvia

Dear Sir,

I am constantly amazed by some of the comments here with regard to business practice on the Island, especially bars and restaurants.
They are constantly given a very hard time as they try to make a living. Certain people on here resort to the point that they have to offer value for money to survive. Well, lets realise that value for money is only achieved if you attract and keep a certain percentage of income, set against the overheads that make the operation self sufficient. Do people realise that the rents here are now ridiculous! Landlords are killing the golden goose, that was.

On any traspaso, on a change the landlord can up the rent by 20% and they do. For many bars that change hands on a regular basis means that the rent is way above what the business is worth, due to several owner ship deals.

Yes, I know, why do people accept these deals, but they do, they believe they can succeed.
Also in most contracts are that the rent is linked to inflation, but a closer look will see that after 2 or 5 years there is a 10% increase. Rents here now are ridiculous. Sorry but it's true.

Number of bars and restaurants going to the wall are huge. But it seems these figures are never studied. It is now 50 pubs a week closing in the UK, but here we turn a blind eye to what's happening.

David Dilks, sent by fax


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