By Jason Moore

A new discount supermarket has recently opened in Palma amid claims that it is illegal and some of the necessary taxes have not been paid. Now, the store, setup in the Cuidad Jardin area of Palma, has Chinese owners and staff and it literally stocks everything you could need bar food products. I went there recently and it was packed.

<>The Chinese discount stores appear to have taken Majorca by storm and they appear to be one of the few businesses on the island at the moment which are making any money. It is not difficult to see why. They are open all hours even on Sundays and they stock products which are cheaply priced. Now I understand that some shopkeepers are not that impressed but I have little sympathy. You can buy an item in a discount shop at a fraction of the cost of their more mainstream counterparts. Competition is healthy and perhaps these moaning shopkeepers should consider similar action as their Chinese counterparts. I believe these discount stores are similar to all inclusive holidays. In times of recession people want value for money. It is a sign of the times in Majorca when you have Chinese stores taking a grip on the high street. As for their legality well that is up to the local authorities not the humble shopper.


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