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I've been reading over the last two days about the prostitution in Magulluf, I work in the heart of Magulluf on the main strip so I see what goes on. I would like to say I see about 10 to 15 prostitutes every night and most times its after 5am when people start leaving the clubs and are very vulnerable, the thing is you never see the police or if you do they're riding around on their motorbikes. Only two nights ago two prostitutes where hiding on the terrace of a bar the police drove past so I pointed them out to the police, they just gave me a thumbs up smiled then just drove off .

I could walk around Magalluf and within 20 or 30 mins could find ten prostitutes so if I can do this why can't the police? Majorca is at a low, the government needs to step in and change things before its too late. The people working in Calvia council need to get out of the office and walk around Magalluf (when I say walk around I mean at night after 2am not in the day time) and see it for themselves. I would love to swap just for a week and let them have my life for a week but I know this is not going to happen, they get their same money every month year-in-year out all year round so why should they care small bars are closing down more and more every year. Thanks Paul


I read the article on the prostitution problem in Calvià in today's edition (26th).I cannot believe the destructive egos of the leaders of local socialist PSOE political party who have spun this story. Yes, there is a problem. But it is the same problem throughout Spain and it is certainly not confined to Magaluf and Palmanova as this press release from the PSOE insinuates. Furthermore it is certainly not in the power of the current Calvià council and Mayor Carlos Delgado who the PSOE attack personally to change the law of the land which does not have sufficient power to deal with this nationwide problem.

The local Calvià police force probably round up more prostitutes in attempts to clear them off the streets than all of the other island councils put together. But this is where the whole thing then falls apart as the police have their hands tied (by national law) and are obliged to release most of them with just a warning. Here, European law also comes into force to further weaken any possible action against the prostitutes. Like the recent fabricated story about Calvià taxes being hiked by 57%, the PSOE are merely putting out yet another smear story in an attempt to discredit the PP as it is just nine months to the local elections. The erroneous tax story can perhaps be considered as playing politics but, this story, which can only adversely affect the tourism industry, can only harm the livelihoods of very people that the PSOE are trying to attract to the polling stations. Their thirst for power transcends all truthfulness and decency. It is obvious they will stop at nothing (including the damaging of a vital industry and increasing the unemployment figure) to achieve their selfish power lust. Can they fool all of the people all of the time?

John Rule


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