By Angie Guerrero

DRIVING around resorts in between meetings and work commitments, I listen to Radio One Mallorca. I really like the banter between Ritchie and Ayesha, I also like to listen to Vicky, as she gets lots of comments about everyday life, from her listeners, and that is always a good source of information for me. The other day, however. I almost rang in, but didn’t have the number to hand. The topic, was dog excrement. This is something which people, in general, are up in arms about, and quite rightly so. A lady in Portals has even started up a petition in order to get something done about it. On the air Vicky actually said, that not cleaning up after your dog is an offence, but that it is NOT ENFORCED. Believe me, IT IS. On a very regular basis I get emails and phone calls from people telling me they have been fined, and is there anything they can do about it. My answer is always the same. " Pay the fine, learn the lesson, and clean up after your dog in future". It is all I can say because it’s the truth. The "ordenanza municipal" is the local municipal law.

In terms of caring for our canine companions it states :- Dogs must be on a lead at all times in the public domain (we are still working on creating special "off the lead" green areas ). Dog owners must carry plastic bags, poop scoops or something to clean up their dogs mess. Dogs should not be tied up, they should not be kept outdoors 24/7, they should have food, water, shade and shelter and not be left continually alone. It’s very simple and it is good basic common sense. Some time ago a resident was furious. She admittedly was walking her two dogs without a lead, when a plain clothed policeman, in a plain vehicle approached her. Whilst he was reading her the riot act about dogs on leads, and she was trying to defend herself, one of her dogs decided to empty it’s bowels, right in front of the copper. I must admit I was hooting with laughter, when she told me, talk about Murphy’s law. Anyway she did not see the funny side as, she also got fined for not carrying a clean up bag. The bottom line is that she was fined 600€ for her multiple misdemeanours, and was not a happy bunny. Back to the lady with the petition. All that Calviá Town Hall can do, and do, is to make sure that the streets are kept clean of dog poo. Calvia 2000 does a great job of this. BUT until people awareness is raised to the point, whereby every dog owner plays the game, we shall always have this problem. Yes we have campaigns every so often, hopefully this column today will get the message home to many. Hopefully more fines are applied and more lessons are learned. Its a tough one, but we will get there.

SO now the Summer heat has died down, the AGE CONCERN gang are off to Ibiza for the day. I tell you they’re always doing something funky those people. I love Ibiza, I spent two Summers there as a young rep. I may just join them. The details for the day out, are as follows. On SATURDAY, 21 SEPTEMBER, taking the Balearia fast ferry Palma to Ibiza, then being picked up by an air-conditioned coach and taken to LAS DALIAS HIPPY MARKET, between Santa Eulalia and San Carlos, followed by a buffet lunch in a hotel in San Antonio. Later a small tour of island and back to Ibiza town, with time for shopping, and to catch the ferry back home.

Price 66€ for residents with certificate and 99€ for non-residents (adults). Valid passports and or DNIs plus original Resident ( padron ) certificates from local town halls essential, if not no resident discount will be applicable.

All bookings and payments must be made before 13 September. No refunds/cancellations after this date will be accepted.

For more information and bookings please contact Jackie on 678-352040 or 971-231520 late afternoon, evenings best or better still email. I think that will be a fabulous day and for a great price.

IT seems that the bogus gas, electricity (and whatever else) people are on the prowl again. In just two days I have heard of two similar incidents of people posing as workers for the gas or electricity board, in order to gain access to people’s homes and subsequently rob them. PLEASE BE CAREFUl. last year I told you about two of then at my garden gate. They blatantly told me that I was on their list for a routine gas check. Although they were wearing uniforms and ID cards around their necks, I knew they were fake. Why? because I have no gas whatsoever in my home. I asked them where their gas vehicle was, they looked shocked and told me that their boss had dropped them off (yeah right ). I told them to come back in half an hour when my partner would be home, that was just me stalling for time, as I wanted to call the polce. They scuttled off and I called the Police but they had fled the area. The morale to the story is don’t let them into your home. Some of them are even working with women. We have some photographs which unfortunately I can’t print. This needs to be stopped. Please be on your guard. They have been in Cala Viñas and Son Ferrer, but can be anywhere at any time.

THE Calanova Cancer Care guys are holding a charity fashion show at the Santa Ponsa Country Club, on Friday 6 September 7pm. Many of you will remember, that last year they held the event at Mood beach, and it was a great success. All proceeds go to the cancer charity. last year they managed to raise around 10.000€ for the cause, and the girls work tirelessly all year round. The entrance fee to the event is 15€, which includes a drink and some tapas. There will also be a raffle and an auction. I was with my friend Maxine from the Tranquility Spa, at the Country Club, yesterday, and she was reading out the list of prizes. There are some gorgeous things there. It is going to be a lovely evening, a lot of fun and all for a good cause. The Santa Ponsa Country club is a lovely venue in a great location. I truly hope that lots of us lend our support to the occasion, they need us. See you there!

FOLLOWING the devastating forest fires in Andraitx and in Calviá recently, the plan for reforestation and cleaning up has already started in both areas. There is an immense amount of work to be done, and volunteers are desperately needed. If any Bulletin readers are eager to help ( and I am sure that many are ), you can send an e mail stating your name, phone number and age to The Andratx link to join in with theSaturday volunteer force is below. You will need to fill out a form on this one.: Thank you in advance.

September tomorrow, have a good one!


Angie x


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