Dear Sir,
I THINK that all of us who live in Calvia should applaud the Major, Carlos Delgado and his team for “freezing” the 2006 main municipal taxes and managing to only increase the construction tax, drainage and rubbish collection dues by the inflation rate. With this in mind we must always remember that this is in spite of the massive burden of the 180 million Euro debt left by the disastrous management and financial bulimia of the former Socialist council.
John Rule, Sol de Majorca
Dear Editor,
FIRST it was the lorry drivers, then it was the fishermen and who next, the ordinary motorist? The government agreed lower fuel charges for both parties following protests, perhaps, we the motorists should do the same and hopefully we will get the same treatment. At the first sign of a major dispute and the government runs up the white flag.
Mrs. E. Brown, Inca


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