By Jason Moore
SOMETIMES I feel rather sorry for Balearic leader Francesc Antich but other times I just think that he is responsible for this coalition government which appears to go from one crisis to another. It is the Majorcan Unionists who are the thorn in his side at the moment. Just weeks ago, they had an internal spat which led to the resignation of the well-liked Balearic minister for tourism, Francesc Buils. Now, one of their members of the Balearic parliament is facing corruption allegations and he is being told to quit. But he isn´t so now there is a rogue MP who has effectively destroyed the Balearic government´s majority. So at a time when the local economy is facing the biggest crisis since the great Depression (according to Antich who obviously has a very long memory) the Balearic government hasn´t a workable majority. It is difficult enough to get legislation through with a majority (because of the different political views of the different parties) so imagine now, without a majority. The best thing Antich can do is call early elections probably for next year and let the voters decide. The last thing we need now is political uncertainty. Unfortunately, no party is likely to win a majority so we will be back to square one again, but at least the voters will have had their say.


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