By Jason Moore

YOU wouldn´t really know it but in under one month Spain is going to the polls in a general election. Perhaps the reason that knowing is talking about the poll is that many believe that the result is a forgone conclusion; the centre-right Partido Popular will oust the Spanish socialists from power.

If this is the case it will be third time lucky for Partido Popular leader Mariano Rajoy. Opinion polls point to a landslide victory for Rajoy; he could even gain an overall majority. It is easy to see why, things couldn´t really get much worse for the ruling socialists. Unemployment is close to the five million mark, the government is under renewed pressure from the European Union to make more cuts and the economy is still very much in recession. Many Spaniards blame the socialist government for the terrible state of the economy. Whoever wins the general election will find government coffers empty and a stagnant economy. Winner will take all but unfortunately there isn´t much to take.


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