Dear Sir,

Osborne, Skip Corfu Next Year, Holiday In Majorca!

THE whole world is condemning George Osborne for discussing a potential donation. But what did he do that was actually wrong? He was approached by a friend of Lord Mandelson, Nat Rothschild and Oleg Deripaska, who wanted to give a donation. He indicated that he thought that it would be illegal. Then followed a conversation about how it could be done within the law. Upon concluding that it could not, he dropped the matter. At no time did he contemplate any illegal activity. How is it wrong explore the parameters of the law? How do you know anything if you do not ask?

George Osborne can be considered guilty of louche behavior, that is, associating with likes of Mandelson and Rothschild and their criminal confrere, Deripaska. He really should be ashamed of acting like Gordon Brown and Tony Blair. Being a Tory, a higher standard is expected. Edith Higham



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