Dear Sir,

YOUR “Best Promotion” and Andrew Ede's Blog succinctly described the ineptitude that the Balearic Governing Body have towards the successful promotion of tourism within the Balearics. This lack of expertise coupled with what recently appears to be a cultural addiction to corruption, does not bode well for any future improvement in this important area of Majorca's economic future. The Island has the sun and also some extremely nice beaches.

However, to ensure tourists are attracted to the Island, basic essentials must be in place such as: guaranteed safety, value for money, appropriate alternative entertainment to accompany beach time, inexpensive hire cars, etc etc. When it is cheaper to buy coffee and croissants in Madrid, the Capital City than it is in Majorca, there is something sadly wrong. Profiteering is a word that springs to mind! I note from the same edition of the Bulletin that the President of Panama plans a “Fact Finding Mission” to Majorca to see how the region's tourist industry works. Will this not be a case of the “Blind leading the Blind!” The Bulletin has had articles written by high profile specialists in tourism who have correctly, time and time again, highlighted what is required to successfully promote tourism in Majorca, but it has all been ignored. An increase in cruise ships is planned for next year and the only promotion that will result is one of negativity. Shops closed, restaurants and cafes too expensive. People on cruises are ideally located to make those important comparisons of value for money in all the different ports of the many countries that they visit during their cruise. Unfortunately, all that Majorca will receive is bad press. Will someone in the government wake up, even if it is only to turn off the lights after the final tourist has abandoned us!

Regards, Gerry


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