Dear Editor, Hello, I know from time to time you have mentioned the robberies at Palma airport, and I just wondered if you could let people know it is still happening.

I returned from a trip to UK Friday and a friend was picking me up. We arrived a little early and got through baggage reclaim early as the flight was half empty.

I was waiting upstairs outside in the 5 min parking for her to arrive. I am always careful to keep my bags in full view and had my case and flight bag in front of me.

A car came along and stopped a little ahead of me and asked a question, as I couldn't quite hear I moved forward a couple of feet, this all took maybe 20 sec's max., then they raced off and I looked back to find my flight bag disappeared. As I say this all happened in 20 sec's max.

I had Xmas presents and lots of personal things that can never be replaced in there. Its not just the material things or money its the emotional effect it has on you. Its certainly knocked my confidence. I will say the airport police were very kind and helpful.

It was a very upsetting time and I found them most patient and caring. I think most of us that live here don't take insurance when we go to the UK as we don't really think of it as a holiday but as a trip back home and not needed.

Like I say I always consider myself quite careful but as most of us don't think like these animals its natural to try to help someone if you can but I for one will not be so helpful in the future.

Luckily there are some decent people around and a Spanish man found a plastic bag with my documents (minus credit cards) near his office in Son Castello, so at least I am spared the task of replacing passport, etc... but 20 sec's of trying to be helpful cost me about 1'000 euros. Siobhan Crutcher Palma Nova


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