By Jason Moore

EVEN if I could vote in the election which Balearic President Francesc Antich is going to have to call sooner or later, I wouldn´t; because politics in the Balearics is in such a mess my vote would just be a waste of my time. Non-Spanish European Union citizens can only vote in council elections and not Presidential ones so when Antich finally does the right thing we will be snubbed as usual, but who cares, anymore.

Over the last 12 months all the political parties in the islands have been tarnished by a lack of leadership (the Socialists) and corruption allegations (the Partido Popular and the Majorcan Unionists). It is also clearly evident at the moment that coalition government simply doesn´t work. In the space of 18 months two tourism ministers have resigned because of political infighting. Not because they weren´t doing their job right simply because of political infighting between themselves and corruption allegations. I sincerely believe that many people think like me, that politics in the Balearics has just become a nightmare. It is a great shame because for many years I have campaigned in this space for European Union expatriates to be able to vote in all elections. But on this occasion I no longer care. This election doesn´t interest me at all.


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