By Jason Moore

WOULD someone please eject Greece from the euro-zone before it is too late. The latest stunt by the Greek government is almost laughable if it wasn´t so serious. Now they are planning to hold a referendum on the latest European Union bailout which the majority of Greeks oppose. It is quite incredible. Unless the European Union gets tough and makes some tough decisions the euro-zone is going to go into economic meltdown. So far, the European Union, has been rather diplomatic with Greece; money has been given to them (to help pay their enormous debt) but now the Greek government believes that the Greek people should have a say. The European Union should have its say and show the Greeks the door. If the European Union wants to survive in its present form then it must get tough with under-performing countries in southern Europe. This is the only way forward.

Just last week it appeared that the European Union debt crisis had come to an end but no, now the Greeks want to have their say. Don´t they realise that the majority of Europeans would like to see them out of the euro? However, it must be said that Greece should never have been allowed to join the euro in the first place. In the mad rush for European Union expansion someone forgot to have a closer look at the Greek economy. Greece was not really suited for the strict euro regime. And now we are paying the cost.


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