Dear Sir,

For a number of months now people have been going on about airlines flying to Majorca (or the lack of them) during the winter months.
The low cost airlines get subsidised by the airports otherwise they will not fly there. The so called national carriers do not.
As consumers we want as cheap a flight as we can get. On most flights you hear people boasting how cheap they got their flights for.
During the winter months not as many people travel to or from the Island. Anyone Living in Majorca would be mad to return to England for the winter unless they had good cause.

The low cost airlines look at passenger needs and decide that people only travel at weekend and plan accordingly. Scottish airports do not offer any subsidies so that is why no flights from Scotland. At one point Manchester did not and when they changed their policy BA and Iberia (the same company now) both decided they could no longer operate from Manchester.

Having seen off the opposition the low cost airlines now can call the tune and in some cases make the money they lose giving cheaper flights in the summer months.

We are all guilty of wanting something for nothing, but be careful of what you wish for.
Ray Gidley
(soon to be living on the
Island if I can get a flight)

Dear Sir, I just read Roy's letter regarding lack of flights from London to Majorca and the high cost of flying BA. I also tried to book a round trip (in economy I might add) with BA via Madrid using their new codeshare Iberia and yet i also got a quote of in excess of £1'300. Surely BA can at least introduce a reasonable flight via Madrid, I just guess everyone is right and the airlines are just not interested in flying to Palma anymore! I appreciate that at least we have Easyjet, but I am really getting fed up with the fight for seats and appreciate the service of a non low cost airlines, and don't mind paying a premium for the service but £1'300 is a bit ridiculous.

A disgruntled resident.


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