By Jason Moore

DOES Britain want to be in Europe or not? After reading some of the comment pieces in yesterday´s British newspapers about the Lisbon Treaty I get the impression that the best thing Britain can do, is to have a referendum on whether it wants to stay in the European Union. End of story.

If this referendum doesn´t take place then the issue of Europe will continue to dog Britain for decades to come. Also, if Britain is seen to be stalling then there is always a danger thar the other European Union members will leave Britain behind. I think that Britain must be one of the few countries within the bloc that the European Union is viewed as the enemy. Why?, I don´t really know but it is always going to be a big issue. Now, what Britain would do if it did leave the European Union, I don´t know but it is time to put this issue to rest. It is rather ironic when you consider that both Labour and the Conservatives are trying to court the vote of expatriate Britons living in Europe when both parties try to dodge the issue on one of the most important points, Britain´s role in Europe. It is a sad state of affairs that Britain is not playing a key role in the future of the European Union and the only way forward is to have a debate and a referendum.


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