RETURNING from a short break in the UK, it seems things go from bad to worse in Majorca.
It appears that:

There is little or no money to be invested in Tourism - the life blood of the islands.

There is an 8% deficit in funds allocated to Health Care.

A decision was made (following consultations with all but those who live along the Paseo Maritimo!) to postpone making a decision on Botellon (street drinking) until next summer.

However a decision was made to impose a cycle lane in Av. Argentina, and in spite of admitting there were no funds available to extend the cycle lane project next year! With October figures showing 81'683 persons unemployed and 30% of those unable to receive benefit, isn't it time the local government got its head out of the sand and started addressing the islands problems.

I'm sure given a vote, most taxpayers would prefer their money spent on first Health and second rescuing the tourist industry- with cycle lanes being a long way down the list of priorities! However, first the government has to admit there is a problem, something they seem unable to do! Yours, M. Irving
Portals Nous


THE 3rd of November is an historic day – it is when the Soviet Union was replaced by the European Union, when the Kremlin was reinstated in Brussels and Commissars became Commissioners.

It is also the day that British Midland summarily severed links with Majorca!

A.G.P. Niblett


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