Dear Editor, WHEN first hearing that Lewis Hamilton was to make his residence in Switzerland to avoid “autograph hunters at the petrol station” in the U.K., my initial reaction was, that it was a poor excuse for basically wanting to gain a tax advantage, now in this second year, when the millions will roll in.

However, upon reflection, his concern may have run deeper, with the yob culture in the U.K., anywhere he goes, he could become a target to any of the mindless millions, and also the relentless pursuit by the press.

It is one thing to encounter a bunch of BNP thugs at a petrol station, quite another to be chased and photographed day and night by photographers hoping to catch him in an unguarded moment, or his girlfriend, family, etc.

Due to his career taking him around the world for a good part of the year, his time in Switzerland will be just a few months, but most certainly he will enjoy a more civilised lifestyle. The last figure I saw published, was that around 58 % of Brits would live abroad if they were able to, just as well really, it would make room for all those immigrants, expected to arrive over the next year! Yours Sincerely, Graham Phillips


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