By Jason Moore

THERE are plenty of rumours that Marks and Spencers are planning to return to Spain, they are even pondering buying the stores they once owned across the mainland. Ten years ago the top British brand pulled out of Spain and France, two countries which have the largest number of British expatriates. M&S boss Stuart Rose has said that the European pullout was not a good idea hence they are now planning a return. Unfortunately, there is no mention of Majorca, which is a great pity.

I am sure that Marks and Spencers would be successful if they decided to open a branch on the island simply because of the large British resident population plus all the visiting tourists. I can´t understand why more British high street brands don´t have a presence in Spain. French companies are well established here and it makes good commercial sense for the British brands to have a presence in the Spanish market. The fact that M&S is looking to return is good news for Spain and Britain and will involve a multi-million pounds investment. Spain needs foreign investment. Spanish companies have been successfully operating in Britain for many years and perhaps now is the time for British companies to start returning here.


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