Dear Sir,
l FOR the past 15 years I have hired a car through various car-hire companies on Majorca - our second home! As a family we have been returning to out timeshare every year (we can choose to go to anywhere in the world but we choose Majorca) and sometimes out of season to hotels on the island. The Tourist Tax, which helped to kill tourism was outlawed by most hotel owners as head numbers in hotels fell. I need my hired car to enable me to transport my family about Majorca! (My Majorcan friends are amazed at all the activities and sites we manage to see in each visit). We have managed to see places they haven't seen! Why is this tax being allowed as I think I pay enough for my car-hire without it!! The Public Transport system couldn't take me from Santanyi to Soller in under two hours!! Why should tourists have to pay this unfare tax!! The new motorways scarring the island have been funded by the EEC (I do not use these as I prefer to see the real Majorca!) So next year, 2006, I will be considering paying a taxi 60 euros to transport me to Cala d'Or and do nothing! No money will be spent on visiting all the Palma Museums; the Majorcan manorial homes of La Granja and Es Calderes; the Manacor Pearl Factory; Gordiolas Glass Factory (we go every visit and buy something); and numerous other places. Does the Minister of Tourism not realise that the majority of tourists who use car-hire actively support the way Majorcans earn their living? I am considering changing my timeshare next year. My family are horrified at the thought as they love Majorca. Will the car-hire firms protest like the hoteliers? I somehow think not! I wonder if the German tourists feel the same? Maybe if they complain something will be done! E. Weldon DCRR.,DSM


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