PRESIDENT Musharraf of Pakistan declared a state of emergency ahead of the Supreme Court's judgement on his eligibility for election as President while still an army officer. Stan O'Neal “resigned” as chief executive of Merrill Lynch after leading the company to its first quarterly loss in six years. He left with a $160 million package. In Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner easily won the Presidential election; she will take over from her husband, Nestor Kirchner, on December 10. The United Nations General Assembly voted by 184 votes to 4 to encourage the United States to drop its 40-year-old trade embargo against Cuba. Some 25'000 poor people, most of them landless farmers, ended a march on Delhi from various parts of India to demand land reform the loss of land to industrial development.

Israel's defence minister, Ehud Barak, said that continuing Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza would be answered with a large army incursion. Bulletin Headlines of the Week
SUNDAY/MONDAY: End Of The Season (The majority of hotels were closing after having some of the highest seasonal occupancy rates in Spain).
TUESDAY: Coastal Property Warning: (Spain's central government launched a plan to protect coastlines and shores).
WEDNESDAY: Funding Cut For Top Golf Event (The Balearic government withdrew its financial support for the Majorca PGA tournament in favour of “other products”).

THURSDAY: 21 Guilty Of Madrid Train Bombings (Sentences ranging from life to ten years imprisonment were passed, but the trial found no “mastermind” behind the bombings).

FRIDAY: Day to Remember (Thousands visit island cemeteries).
SATURDAY: Majorca Alert (Madrid had warned of 16 environmental danger spots on the Majorcan coast).


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