By Jason Moore

THE new German shareholder of Real Mallorca Football Club, Utz Classen, has said that he would like tourists and the foreign community to get more involved with the club. I applaud his ideas because Mallorca has still not been able to break into the tourist market and perhaps with a bit of effort the club can have a small legion of foreign supporters.

I just can´t understand why more tourists have not been persuaded to go to the Iberostar Stadium, because afterall Mallorca do play in the best league in the world. Classen has said that he would like to see tourists buying Real Mallorca shirts, another good idea but the club are going to have to sort out their merchandising department.

It is still difficult to buy a Mallorca shirt, anywhere on the island. However you do get the impression that the bad times are over at Mallorca and the club is starting to move forward despite its debts. On the pitch the club are performing well and off it, the new owners appear to be winning hearts and minds. Michael Laudrup, the manager, has also pulled off a minor miracle so far despite having a depleted squad with Mallorca in the top half of the league. Wouldn´t it be great if Mallorca became a major tourist attraction with locals and tourists apart enjoying the beautiful game on a beautiful island.


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