By Jason Moore

ARE we seeing the end of the European Union in its present form? Will this cruel recession end the aspirations of European Union? Greece looks set to abandon the European Union and even Italy appears to be turning rather euro-sceptic. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi appeared to blame the euro for most of his country´s ills.

Germany is becoming increasingly frustrated at having to bail-out struggling European states, almost 100 British MPs of parliament think it would be a good idea if Britain withdrew from the European Union, the list goes on. If the European Union is to survive it is going to need clear and strong leadership. So far this leadership has not been forthcoming and the complicated set-up of the Commission and national governments make the Union difficult to lead. This is a major test for the European Union. There are many who do not believe it will survive. Now is the time to show the doubters that they are wrong and that Europe as one does have a future.


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