THERE are many burning issues on Majorca at the moment from winter tourism, to Magalluf and illegal holiday rents. These are all issues which interest the non-Spanish European community. Now, alot of our councils come in for much criticism especially those in areas which live from tourism. So we have a golden opportunity to  make our voice heard at the council elections which take place next year. All non-Spanish European Union citizens are entitled to vote in the council elections providing that they are registered on the electoral roll. However, in previous elections the turn-out among expatriates has been low despite the best efforts of local councils.  At the local elections four years ago only a fraction of the foreign electorate actually voted. So if you are not too impressed with council plans or its performance you have a golden opportunity to make your point. It is no good complaining for four years and then not voting. Some people will say that voting is pointless but this is certainly not the case and remember that it was a long hard fight to get the vote for non-Spaniards in the first place.  I think the Balearics needs the foreign community to take part in the elections because it shows that we care. In Calvia for instance, the so-called foreign vote, can make a real difference. The time for moaning and complaining has passed and the time to vote is coming shortly.  We all care deeply about this  island and its future.


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