By Jason Moore

THE Spanish authorities are cracking down on the 50 percent flight discount which all Balearic residents (as long as you are from the European Union) are entitled to when flying to the mainland or on inter-island flights. For British residents not only do you have to take your passport the airline will also ask for a copy of your residence certificate (the infamous green piece of paper) to show that you are a resident.

Failure to prove that you are a full-time resident will mean that you will be asked to pay the 50 percent discount. The Balearic government were involved in a war of words with Madrid over keeping the discount and in the end they were successful but don´t forget if you are non-Spanish you have to take the correct documentation.

Although the discount is certainly welcome it makes travel just that bit more complicated. It must be remembered that for some unknown reason only European Union residents can receive the discount I don´t really understand why it is not open to all. As far as I am concerned as long as you are resident on the island and pay your taxes here you should be able to receive the discount. At the moment there is plenty of legislation in Spain which is rather biased, hopefully this state of affairs will soon change for the benefit of all.


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