By Jason Moore

IN Majorca it was a case of Mariano Rajoy 4 Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba 1.5! Rajoy of the Partido Popular managed to attract 4'000 people when he spoke in Inca on Wednesday night while his socialist counterpart managed just 1'500 people in Palma on Thursday night. Most Majorcans believe that the election next week is a forgone conclusion, Rajoy will win by a landside, but as they say, a day is a long time in politics. Rajoy has signalled that he will make enormous cuts with only health, pensions and education escaping the cuts, if he is elected to power. Rubalcaba has bitterly attacked the cuts saying that they are far too harsh and will lead to yet further unemployment. But, it appears that the socialist candidate is fighting a losing battle. The majority of Spaniards blame them for mis-managing the economy which has led to a rate of unemployment approaching the five million mark.

The opinion polls point to a Balearic style victory for the Partido Popular, a landslide with Rajoy cruising to an overall majority. The socialists are on a damage limitation exercise; they hope to thwart the Partido Popular´s attempts to gain an overall majority which would lead to a coalition government in Spain. With just seven days to go before polling day you don´t get the impression that an election is being held. There has been little campaigning and you do get the impression that most parties have thrown in the towel, believing the Partido Popular will triumph.


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