“Voting Time”
Dear Sir,
In today’s Editorial you discuss voting in the Municipal Elections next year. The Municipal elections will only take place in May 2015. On the 25 May 2014 elections will take place for the European Parliament. Given the fact that some 80% of our laws here in Spain start life in the European Parliament these elections are of maximum importance. Of the over 100,000 non-Spanish European citizens here in the Balearic Islands only some 16,300 are on the census to vote in these elections. If you are 18 years of age or more, and registered at your local Town Hall, it will take just a few minutes of your time to go to your local Town Hall and complete the easy registration form requesting the right to vote in these elections. The date limit to register is the 30 January 2014, after which the census will close. As you say in your Editorial, do not just complain, do something positive, register to vote and have your say where it matters. - in the ballot box.
Kate Mentink

Disgruntled visitor
Dear Sir,
Yesterday my wife and myself decided to drive to Soller from our temporary base in Puerto Pollensa. On the way we thought it would be nice to stop over for coffee at Lluc Monastery. We  entered the car park and I took a ticket from the machine. We spent about twenty minutes on site and then proceeded to exit the car park. When I came to pay, to my disbelief, the charge was six  euros. (I am aware that we could have parked there all day for six euros but we only needed twenty minutes).
Majorca has done very nice  out of British tourists this Summer and would do well to reflect on that before ripping them off with such an outrageous charge.
It didn’t end there however. When we were in Soller, (as per the instructions in any Spanish guide book ever sold) we asked if we may use the toilet in two separate establishments. We were informed that the charge would be one euro each.
Majorca, go on treating British tourists this way and you’ll send them all away again!
Yours sincerely,
Brian Boxal


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