By Jason Moore

WHERE would you find a street called Carrer Stuart or a place where they are very proud of their British roots and where English words form part of the local language? The answer is Minorca.

For 100 years in the 17th and 18th centuries Minorca was ruled by the British. Es Castell, on the outskirts of the capital Mahon, was partly built by the British along with many fortifications and the military hospital in the centre of the port. Finally, the Minorcan authorities have woken-up to the fact that the island´s British roots might be an additional attraction for British tourists. It has taken close to almost hundreds of years but at last! Next year Minorca wants to celebrate Minorca´s British roots and a whole series of events are taking place. What an excellent idea. One of the first British tourists was Admiral Lord Nelson, the hero of Trafalgar and then there is Admiral Collingwood. The list goes on. At a time when the Balearics is facing stiff competition from across the globe it should be using all means at its disposal to help sell the islands. British Minorca is a very good idea. The island has plenty to offer from great food to beaches and weather. Added to that there are a whole series of British built fortifications. It is just a pity that the local authorities have taken so long.


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