Dear Sir,
ON Sunday I attended the Remembrance Day service at St. Peter and St James Church in Palma.
As an old soldier, who goes to these wherever I happen to be, I was deeply moved by this thoughtful and telling occasion.
The hymns and prayers were carefully chosen, the choir sang beautifully and the tributes by those who spoke about “What Remembrance means to me” rang with sincerity.
In Coleman Hall after the service a lady took my hand and touching my medals said “Thank you for serving” words which so aptly captured the real meaning of Remembrance Day.
Nick Carter
(Late Tenth Gurkha Rifles)
Dear Sir,
I AM an animal lover with five cats as proof but I do not hope that the Calvia Council will introduce new laws protecting animals (Daily Bulletin, Sunday, 12th November). I do believe that people should be punished for ill treatment or abandonment but not on the whim of a local council. If Calvia has the power to punish, presumably other councils must have the power to ignore cruelty or even reward it?
Animal husbandry needs a national perspective, not local.
Democracy does not necessitate the devolution of all powers to the lowest level but the practical splitting of legislation between the national, regional and local governments. “Power to the people” should have limits although to say that today is not PC (politically correct).
There is a drive for joint sovereignty of Catalonia so why not independence for the Balearic Islands followed by home rule for Majorca? This could progress to autonomy for the Playa de Palma and lead to self government for our street, from where I could stand for president, then commence issuing our own entry permits. Remember that film “Passport to Pimlico”? The story was extremely amusing and may have seemed ridiculous but where is the error in the logic - it is after all the ultimate step in self rule?
Councils should restrict themselves to the mundane tasks of street cleaning and the like leaving the running of International Airports (currently in the news) to professionals.
Most people accept that military defence be decided at a national level but seldom mentioned are the limits imposed by low-calibre politicians available at local level. It is not PC to say that councillors may not have ability or experience for the areas they wish to dabble in. We complain enough of the ones we've got in national government but what will we get if we pass major decisions lower and lower. To be blunt, where will we find capable, honest people (Marbella?) with the time or inclination to join the talking shops which could result? I could predict who would present themselves - people on the make, people with time on their hands and barrack room lawyers.
Mike Lillico, Playa de Palma


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