By Jason Moore
WELL the recession is over and the world has been saved; well at least you would have thought so after all the fuss which Spanish Prime Minister Rodriguez Zapatero made about attending the G20 meeting at the weekend. Zapatero moaned and complained until he was finally invited. It appeared that his whole anti-recession policy was based on attending yet another meeting of the global powers. He had his photograph taken with President Bush and also appeared alongside other world leaders. And after all the fuss it was agreed that the banking industry needed a major overhaul. So that is it, then. So no accord, no real action and we are still in recession with the worst still to come. Despite moaning about not being invited to this relatively large meeting Zapatero appears to have done little to revive the Spanish economy. Spain is this time going to feel the full impact of the recession because part of it, is home-grown. Previous recessions could be blamed on outside problems but while the credit crunch is world-wide Spain does have problems of its own, including the major fall on the mainland of the real estate market. So, now Zapatero has got his photo perhaps he can get on with trying to sort out the Spanish economy.


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