Dear Sir,

I read with interest your article on all-inclusive hotels in Sunday's Bulletin. Yes it is predicted that next season there will be more all-inclusive hotels in Majorca. The thing is that the travel companies are telling us that this is what people want and to a degree they are right, depending on who they are and where they are visiting. All inclusive here in Majorca is very different from all-inclusive in some other resorts in other countries.

You see there are certain places that tour operators promote where, if you did not go all inclusive, you just would not go at all. In these places the resorts have been built and promoted for all-inclusive tourism, not so here in Majorca. These resorts have the hotel, the beach, the night-life all rolled into one and you are advised not to go outside of your resort.

In Majorca that is one of the aspects that we should be promoting. This is a beautiful Island and it should be promoted as such. If, as is said, it is too expensive in comparison to other resorts, why is that? Do people really want the type of all-inclusive holiday that the hotels here in Majorca can provide?

I have been all over Europe and I can honestly say that other tourist areas are not cheaper than this Island. I am talking here about “tourist” areas, but the hotels are generally upgraded and renovated. The next gripe will be that the tour operators will want everything provided in the hotels for too little money, the hotels will be unable to provide AND upgrade, as is happening at the moment, and then where do they go from there?

The tourist industry here in Majorca needs some serious revamping, but all areas have to get together and work together. It is not about them and us, i.e. hoteliers and bars/restaurants/complementary services. It is about restoring the glory.

Everyone gets stuck on negative aspects. It's time to look at all the positives and build on them.
There are many but it's just too easy to get on the bandwagon with one group blaming the other so that it's always someone else's fault.
It's time to decide - do we lie down and die OR do we stand together and go forward?

The time is NOW.

Linda Ledwidge


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