Dear Sir,

Spanish national elections are nigh so Jason Moore, on schedule, trots out his favorite whine: Why can't I vote in the national poll of Spaniards? The reason is simple: You do not choose to be Spanish. You refuse to become a citizen.

Mr. Moore never explains why he should have the option of voting in two national elections, Spain and the United Kingdom, where plural voting was abolished a century ago. Why is he so special? No European Union citizen should have the right to vote twice.

Mr. Moore never suggests an effective, reasonably priced way of preventing double voting abuse. He can not. There is not one.
When Britons move to Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the United States they have no qualms about becoming citizens. It is simple racial bigotry that prevents a Briton, like Jason Moore, from doing the same in Spain. If Mr. Moore has any difficulty exercising the right of franchise that he clings to in the UK, that is not Spain's doing and it is not responsible for British law.

In brief, you are not better than the general run of mankind. The normal, enforceable rules apply to you too. Get over yourself.
Henry Bancroft


Note from Jason Moore: Thank you Mr. Bancroft for your letter but I would just like to be allowed to vote somewhere either in Spain or Britain. Thanks to the Spanish and British systems I can´t vote anywhere which is a poor state of affairs.


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