By Jason Moore
THE arrest of a top police officer last week for allegedly receiving bribes has once again trust Son Banya, the so-called “supermarket of drugs” into the spotlight. Son Banya, termed an encampment, is an area next to Palma airport which is allegedly one of the centres for the sale of drugs on the island. It has an infamous reputation and even the police readily acknowledge that large quantities of drugs are sold there. You would have thought that the police and judiciary would launched a major crackdown in Son Banya, and effectively “put the supermarket out of business.” A series of police raids over recent months, which involved scores of armed officers and even a helicopter have netted some results but still in retains its reputation. Local Spanish newspapers this week have claimed that Son Banya is literally swimming in money, and we are talking very large sums. One Spanish newspaper alleged that the police officer in question, who has denied any wrong-doing claiming that he was the victim of a sting, received more than 1.5 million euros from person living in Son Banya.. Whatever the outcome of this court case it is clearly evident that something must be done about Son Banya. It shouldn't be a no-go area for the police; it is time for action. The Mayor of Palma, Catalina Cirer, and local police chiefs must make this one of their top priorities.


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