By Jason Moore
I have a confession to make, after hearing about all the controversy on BBC1´s Strictly Come Dancing I watched it on Sunday night and I can see why the public is voting to keep John Sergeant in the competition. The judges are horrible and John Sargeant does come across like someone from Dad´s Army. I am told by the experts that he can´t dance and should have gone weeks ago. Right fine. However, the BBC must think that Christmas has come early. If they have got me watching Strictly Come Dancing then there must be millions of others just like me, who have watched the programme just to see what all the fuss was about. At the end of the day it is a question of ratings and the more controversy the better. I met John Sergeant when he came to the island earlier this year and he seems a nice enough guy with his main claim to fame being that he was hit over the head by Margaret Thatcher´s handbag. It now appears that all the people who voted for Maggie are voting for him in Strictly! As regards the programme, well it is not really for me but full marks for the BBC for reviving a hugely successful programme. And also don´t forget that it is only a TV programme and don´t feel sorry for John Sargeant, he stands to make a packet.


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