Dear Sir,

GEORGE Tunnell's letter complaining about George Osborne‘s comments on the falling value of the pound sterling is some what unfair, as it has been rather obvious prior to his comment that the fall was taking place. Future measures by the Brown Government, the forthcoming pre-budget and the Bank of England likely to drop the lending rate even further, all combine to an increasing gap between the pound and the euro. It is the oppositions job to point out the real situation, earned or allowed to happen, under the present Labour Government. The blame game of Brown glibly pointing to the U.S.A. as the main cause of the financial crisis, does not excuse others (Brown included) in not seeing what was happening with proper oversight and control in place. Just because the Americans allowed their economy to jump off the cliff, we did not need to follow like a bunch of lemmings. In fact I wonder if I am sitting in the middle of a “mad hatters tea party”, when politicians puff their chests out with pride on how they will “save the day” by incurring gross debt for the nation, on something they should have foreseen and avoided, a baby boy maltreated over a long period, to eventually be killed, despite over sixty visits by social workers, etc, that there are one million violent crimes is astounding, but even more so, that only half that annual number are solved, and that it was recently revealed that British troops are still not having the correct/sufficient equipment to fight in Afghanistan.

Could we put any more on this mountain of madness?
Yours Sincerely,

Graham Phillips



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