Dear Sir,

I NOTED with interest the article by Eugeni Aguilo on the increase next year of the all inclusive package. I'm not really surprised at that as it appears to have become a popular deal worldwide. We visited both Majorca and Minorca this year. I have to say that the prices particularly on Minorca were fairly horrendous. We stopped in Cala Galdana and of course you are a bit of a captive customer there. However, we did feel that we were being well and truly “ripped off.” Many people felt the same. So, I'm sorry that bars and restaurants may well close but I feel that they have more than contributed to their own demise.

Aguilo also stated that the season will again be short. I thought that a few lessons might have been learnt this year but as I thought would be the case obviously not. It's business as usual or maybe not much business as usual! I felt that he painted a rather depressing picture. It was hardly “upbeat”. The one thing that I can say is that the length of the tourist season is truly ridiculous. Quote: “Minister, Joana Barcelo, says “Working towards establishing all-year-round tourism in the Islands is one way to give people the chance to have a permanent job,” she said. Well, that idea didn't last very long did it!

Stuart Allsop, UK


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