By Jason Moore

TEN years ago your average British family came to Majorca for their annual and only foreign holiday of the year. This year, I was told by one travel expert, that Majorca had become a “second or third holiday” destination. In otherwords Britons are taking at least three foreign holidays a year. Granted, that holidays are now cheaper, but it is amazing that some British families can afford three holidays a year.

This brings me to David Young, David Cameron´s Enterprise minister who resigned yesterday for saying that Britons had never had it so good. Ofcourse, he was referring to lower interest rates which have made mortgages very cheap. This year a record number of Britons went on holiday despite the recession and the only low point is that more didn´t come to Majorca. Britons do enjoy a good standard of living, higher than the one enjoyed by Spaniards. So was David Young wrong? Well, in the midst of a recession and with record high unemployment it was a rather stupid thing to say, but in some instances he does have a point. The standard of living in Britain has gradually increased over the last decade. Britain now has almost more Michelin starred restaurants than France, a sure sign that people are eating out and spending for the privilege.


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