Dear Sir,
I WAS pleased to see that Claudia Schiffer has been playing her part in promoting Majorcan tourism in general and golf in particular.
Am I correct in thinking that this is the same person responsible for having the fence erected to close off virtually the entire Cap Andritxol peninsula, thus depriving visitors and residents of Camp de Mar and Peguera of a fine walking area out to the headland?
John Morrison, by e-mail
Dear Sir,
RAY Fleming in his article on China and Taiwan, indulges his usual knee-jerk reaction to anything uttered by President Bush, ending his denunciation by declaring “Mr Bush is playing a dangerous game”, for praising Taiwan in “embracing freedom at all levels, creating a free and democratic Chinese society”, and implying that the mainland Government has not. A truth that I should have thought eminently evident, and which no fair-minded person would disagree with. Far from Mr Bush's “obsession”with Universal instant democracy” as Mr. Fleming dubs it, he is merely proclaiming Universal truths however unpalatable that might be to Mr. Fleming. When will HE learn that, (to paraphrase) HIS lectures and hectoring of Mr. Bush may be counterproductive, and though I hesitate to say that Mr. Fleming “is playing a dangerous game”, it is certainly, as far as I am concerned, a “foolish one”.
Phil Green, Son Ferrer.


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