By Jason Moore

THE beautiful game is not that beautiful sometimes. Ireland is out of the World Cup because France scored a goal which should have been disallowed but wasn´t, meaning that the former World Champions are packing their bags for South Africa and poor old Ireland is staying at home. Thierry Henry has admitted handball so why shouldn´t the game be replayed like the Irish are demanding? I don´t know what the problem is, clearly the referee was wrong. If this had been a friendly game, well it wouldn´t have mattered, but after all it was a qualification for the World Cup, the ultimate tournament.

Now, everyone is saying that new technology should be introduced to help referees. The answer is more simple. The game should be re-staged at a neutral ground. In every World Cup and European Championship, England fans have said that they have been robbed when England crashes out as usual in the quarter-finals. In some cases they had a case in others they didn´t. But Ireland was clearly robbed and France should take no delight in their alleged victory. This was the beautiful game at its worst. I sincerely hope that France crashes out of the competition in the first round because at least that way there will be some justice.


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