By Jason Moore
THE bad news is that the latest Bond film, Casino Royale will not be shown in English in Majorca next week but the good news is that the Renoir is over-the-moon with the success of The Queen now into its second week. I suppose we should count ourselves lucky that there are cinemas on the island which do show movies in English . The Renoir is a so-called art-house cinema and their mandate is to show films which are not part of the mainstream. What is evident though is that providing it is a decent film, then the English speaking community, will go and see it and support the cinema. Taking all this into account, it is a shame that some of the bigger Palma cinemas, which naturally have greater access to the big Hollywood blockbusters, do not show more films in English especially films like Casino Royale. Many long-time expatriates will remember the old Movies in English in Terreno which closed in the middle 1980s, because it was no longer viable. The video and there large number of English video libraries at the time were blamed for its demise. However, it is quite amazing that despite satellite TV, DVDs and much more people still want to go to the cinema. Thankfully, the Renoir does its best for us, but it's a shame that more cinemas on the island do not follow their lead.


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