Vandalism in Son Caliu
I live in Son Caliu and over a month ago the glass on a telefonica telephone kiosk was vandalised, there was glass everywhere. My dog got glass in her paw, my friend had a puncture in one of the wheels of her baby's pushchair, everyday I find glass in my apartment.

Myself and the neighbours have telephoned Telefonica and have had no joy, they take notes and even ask for the number of the kiosk , but now 5 or 6 weeks later it still hasn't been cleaned up.

One of the neighbours has cleaned the worst of it into a corner by the kiosk. I rang Calvia council but they said they could not do anything as it is private property. I am personally sick of finding glass every day that has been walked into my apartment and I do not understand why it has been allowed to go on for so long. There really is no need for a telephone kiosk in this location, we the community would prefer it was removed as it is always being vandalised.



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