By Jason Moore
THERE are two issues which I would like to comment on in this space today; the first is identity cards and the second is the shooting of the police officer in Bradford. In Spain we all carry some form of identity card; whether it's your residence permit or your passport. No-one has a problem with this state of affairs. Everyone has to prove their identity whether they have been stopped by the police or when paying by credit card. So why is there such a problem in Britain? Despite the usual civil rights brigade and the “Big Brother” merchants the problem with identity cards in the UK, is their cost. I have seen many figures quoted which are outrageous. If the government ensure that they cost a few pounds rather than hundreds then I am sure that most people would not have a problem. Identity cards will reduce crime and it will make the job of the police much easier.
ON the shooting of Police Constable Sharon Beshenivsky, I would like to know what exactly were two rather inexperienced officers doing patrolling together? This is the question which police chiefs should be answering not whether police should be armed or not. If they do have a recruitment problem then perhaps that is the problem which needs to be addressed. Following the shooting in London of the Brazilian electrician by police I don't think calls to arm more officers will be supported by the British public. Let's not cloud the issue; if there is a manning problem in the police force then the government should act. What is needed in Britain is properly trained officers who are capable of dealing with any emergency which may arise.


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