Dear Sir,
l RAY Fleming, in quoting Aneurin Bevan (Bulletin Viewpoint Nov 23) “This island is made mainly of coal and surrounded by fish”, failed to complete the quotation. Bevan added, “Only an organising genius could produce a shortage of both fish and coal at the same time” which is what occurred under the first Labour Government in 1945, itself in the grip of Trade Union Barons, whose activities brought the coal and other industries almost to extinction. However,during the past fifty years or so,we have seen the emergence of North Sea oil and gas, and now it appears they are declining, leading as Mr. Fleming suggests, to increasing dependence on imports from unstable areas of the world, and consequently, a resurgence of interest in building new nuclear power stations that can produce safe, cheaper, and clean energy, in spite of the “Green, Guardianistic” opponents to these advantages. It is ironic to recall a headline in the Daily Express during the early 50s, that proclaimed apropos of the new power stations then just beginning to produce, that, “Electricity Will Cost A HALFPENNY per unit”: Alas,the “Dawn of a New Age” was not sustained and successive governments failed to continue expansion in the face of the coal industry that dominated, even when as was obvious, coal seams were petering out, costs spiralling, and strikes further eroding profitability and supplies. Let us hope that Mr. Blair or his successors, grasp this opportunity to re-vitalize this new sensible option of Nuclear Electric Power.
Phil Green, Son Ferrer
Dear Sir,
Re: Wheelchair and Air Travel
l IT was nice to see Spain pushing for less discrimination in air travel as a traveller that is disabled and travel around the world and a frequent visitor to Majorca. It would be nice to see less discrimination from some of the staff that push the wheelchairs. Most of us disabled passengers really appreciate the help we get and could not travel without their help. But a certain few seem to want to treat us like second-class people and can be very ignornant: “Just want to dump you at the door, not take you to the baggage reclaim ara, and especially to the old people. Palma airport is one of the worst examples of this kind of treatment, being beaten only Ryanair. Also more help at check-in would help as it is very stressful standing in long queues.
Name and address withheld


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