By Jason Moore
I know it sounds amazing but there are no direct flights to Palma from Scotland in the winter. This island is lucky to have hundreds of thousands of loyal Scottish holidaymakers who simply can´t come to their favourite holiday destination because there are no flights. Incredible but true. Yesterday, I received a telephone call from a reporter on one of Scotland´s principal newspapers to inquire exactly why the airlines were snubbing Majorca this winter. To be honest, I don´t really know but it is a terrible state of affairs. Now, some will say that there is no demand but surely one flight a week would be enough during the low season? How can Majorca ever be a real winter tourism destination if there are no flights? The summer season gets shorter every year and the number of winter tourists rapidly declines. We are facing a nightmare scenario. When is Majorca going to wake up to the fact that if there are no flights then the resorts will be like ghost towns. It's all very well being upbeat about the prospects for next summer but until then, will the last person in the resorts please turn the light off. What a shame, but unfortunately, it is the truth.


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